• Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

  • Futuristic Technology Training & Services

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Why is the need for Documentation?

Documentation is a viable part of any organization, where every process of an organization is clearly explained for an effective communication between various departments within an organization and for external communication to other companies and organizations.

Why the need for professional technical writers?

The need for professional documentation is growing tremendously with new ventures and businesses thriving to get a hold in a dynamic and competitive market. The market is plush with lucrative opportunities for good writers. TechnoKraft with its guiding principle has been very successful in fostering successful careers for our trainees and writers. You can also join our training program and learn the finer aspects of documentation.

At TechnoKraft you will learn

Finer aspects of the training at TechnoKraft:

  • To organize data effectively.
  • To understand and decipher levels of data hierarchy.
  • To use standard convention of technical writing.
  • Applying a style guide to achieve consistency.
  • Developing specific writing style for a document.
  • Using graphics effectively according to the needs of the client.
  • Using clear sentences.
  • Analyzing your audience to determine the data flow of the document.
  • Defining explicit and tacit knowledge when working with Subject Matter Experts.

Bridging the gap with hands-on experience

TechnoKraft is bridging the gap between supply and demand by offering live documentation work where the trainees work as in-house interns. Our trainers will mentor you at every stage of working on live project for real work experience, which will forge the highway to a successful and flourishing career in Technical Writing.